February 22, 2006

Because I must follow through....until the very end....

Now we have the opposite side of the johari window....the Nohari window.

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February 16, 2006

I was really caught by Linus' post about Johari....and I like knowing what you (pl) think of me. So, go post please.

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February 14, 2006

This is a catch-up post. If this was a real post you'd be alerted by complete sentences and a possible sense of humor.

1. Lap top is officially dead. The logic board isn't being so logical anymore.
2. Posts will be sporadic as I only have access from school now.
3. I am still not a fan of commercially produced holidays.
4. I will be participating in the Valentine's movie marathon on Sci-fi. "Love Sucks."
5. Nothing goes better than Valentines and vampires.
6. I am the giddy new owner of a leather and buckle corset. It looks vaguely "Edward Scissorhands" when laying flat.
7.I've been on two different dates that were unexpectedly cut short...first by an ambulance accident and second by a piano that needed moving.
8. The advanced work out challenge at Curves is literally and figuratively kicking my ass.
9. There will be a nine later.
10. Mandyland and all its pinkness, in blog form, has been in existence for two years now. Wow!

posted at 8:32 AM

February 06, 2006

Technical difficulties abound. Back to blogging when my home computer is fixed.

posted at 8:04 AM

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