February 27, 2005

Breakfast with my father went quite well, a bit awkward, but we are still learning....that isn't what this post is about. On my way home from breakfast (Who knew so many church goers like VillageInn?) I drove past Sonic. Like any good fast food restaurant the sides of the building, railings, and any open post are covered with ads. One caught me by surprise. In bold yellow colors, next to the picture of a pressed-fish-parts-patty sandwich, were the words: Lenten Combo.

This bothers me. I do not claim to know a lot about the workings of the Catholic religion but.....but....isn't the idea of Lent to give up / cut back on your excesses and indulgences? I understand that giving up meat is probably the most common Lent cut-out and that in our society fastfood is a staple to many.....but...does it seem a bit contradictory to cut out burgers but not fast food in general? I would think one of the best Lenten sacrifices would be fastfood. Maybe it's just me. Mark, Tessa, Brit....help me out?

There is only a slight twinge of left over, "No seafood in a landlocked state!"

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February 24, 2005

Originally uploaded by MandyFish.
Welcome Kody!.....Only a few weeks late......Everyone this is Terolyn's son! Those who know her, rejoice.....those that don't, sigh in admiration.

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February 23, 2005

You Are the Very Gay Winnie the Pooh!

Come on, he doesn't wear pants!
And he's a little too obsessed with Christopher Robin

*Stolen shamelessly from Mackenzie's blog.

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February 22, 2005

The Simpsons have done it. Maybe it is time for the rest of the U.S.?

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Ooohhh pretty lights.
Shit. Please Goddess don't let any of my students see me.

Yes, Sir I know the flashing light indicates a school zone.
No, I don't know my speed, I was just going with traffic.

Thank you.

Dumbass, you are a teacher. You should know where the school zone is.
Yeah yeah yeah.
Where is the money coming from?
Just be quiet.

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February 21, 2005

It seems like all I want to do lately is sleep. Some of this is due to stress. I don't deal, I hibernate. Some is my schedule. Yes, I chose it. Small noises are getting absolutely, sadistically annoying today! If one more person has to run tests through the bubble scanner I am going to grab the papers and stuff them up the person's nose. Uggghh..and why can't CatLady take a night off? I deserve a raise for dealing with her drama on a regular basis. So, some of you may know of the weird tv shows I am willing to watch to put myself to sleep...some may not. My latest is Surreal Life. ~shock and horror~ I know, you may disown me if you wish...but...incase you don't here is an interesting lil tidbit. Cast member and former Go-Go, Jane Wiedlin, is part of the BDSM community. How did she "come out" to the cast? For their Valentine's dating game she set up a dungeon! A little less surprising was the fact that Christopher Knight, a.k.a. Peter Brady, chose to be a sub during his turn in the room. ooohh silence has fallen on the lab..let's enjoy shall we? ~only the hum of the lights~ In other news, my father is coming to town this Sunday. There will be breakfast...and rent money. After work however, I may need someone to make sure my psyche isn't fractured too badly. I'm still not used to my father being ....well....nice. I stumbled across an article that gave a rather funny statistic. Apparently, Republicans are 5 times more likely to have nightmares than Democrats. There wasn't any other information given, not even the source of this stat. Damn! I forgot to email the picture of Terolyn's babyboy to myself so I could post it. Hmmm, it appears that I have successfully pawned the CatLady off on some poor unsuspecting lab user. I should go rescue him from her. ~sighs~

And the random thoughts for this evening have been brought to you by Diet Cherry Coke and chocolate chip cookies. Mmmmm....

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February 16, 2005

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It has been a long week...not a lot to say. I thought I would let Kermie do the talking instead.

Ya can't go wrong with the Muppets!

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February 14, 2005

Have a good day!

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February 13, 2005

I fully admit that I am slightly obsessive about Buffy. Still. I still find it highly entertaining. Brain candy if you will. But, every once in a while, I still stumble across something that confuses me. I have no idea what would possess someone to do this....what they plan to do with it......or why they would need it.

The Buffy Sex Chart

Explain. Please. Anyone?

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February 10, 2005

Saturday, March 12 FloggingMolly,Hotwater Music, and The Riverboat Gamblers $20 on sale now.

Please, someone come with me....

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February 09, 2005

I am sleepy. Tired. And if I hear the word "lexile" or the question "Will you sign for me to be in Honors English?" one more time (especially from or concerning students who don't do the daily work) I am going to cry....a lot. Possibly even throw things.

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February 08, 2005

Ok...the funny thing about that last post......even I am not sure why I did that....there is no way that would be possible without the ability to read my mind. Chalk it up to Monday.

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February 07, 2005

New Google Game!

Find the combination of 4 words that when Googled will list my blog as #7 on page 5.

Hint: The third word is blog.

And no whinning about the infinite number of combinations that can be made. You all know what I write about...it shouldn't be too terribly hard to guess the words.

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So, I've given in and turned on the RSS feed.

Now, as long as it works will those of you who were pressuring me (looks at Mackenzie and Dave) start reading my babble regularly?

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February 06, 2005

Ya know those little voices in your head....the ones that tell you "Sure, try diving off that cliff ya idiot," or "You are definently right, an entire 48 hours on the sofa is just what we need."? Sometimes I give in to mine. Some would call this lack of impulse control, but that isn't the way I see it. This giving in is very controlled. I know it is going to happen, what will come of it, and usually why it is the right time to give in. Usually, when I give in I chose to do something that I haven't ever done...that I will most likely kick myself for doing in the morning.

I gave in this weekend.

After spending all evening Friday and most of Saturday stretched out on my sofa I heard the little rebel voice. "Girl, it's time to get off yo ass. Move! Shake! Do sumpthin'!" To me that sounded like a command to dance, I had already concluded I didn't have the money to go groove at "Lovers and Gamblers", so I put a call in to my bellydance girls. No luck...most were sick. I was about to give up when,"Chil' I told you to get off yo ass! You are gonna be shaped like the futon in a minute!" Fine. I did a bit of searching and found out that there was an African Dance company in town. Perfect! Free dance class! I could do this...stronger movements than belly dance...but the basics couldn't be that different could they?

I have never felt so ungraceful in my life. (Not even the last BD show where I was a step behind the entire last song.....or Tree!) Basic gross motor-skill movements such as lifting my arms or bending my legs became intricate skills that I just don't have. After the hour warm-up I was ready to cry. My knees hurt...I was sweating buckets....and the sweet little grandfatherly man, in charge of both drummers and dancers, had morphed from being a new friend to a sinister torture specialist. Two dance choreographies later (we are going on 2.5 hours of dancing now) I think I have it down.....somewhat. When we finally wrap up the rehearsal, our fearless leader asks if any of us want to stay and dance for their show. I promptly collapse in a heap on the floor. I can't feel my knees. My thighs and shoulders are burning. Three hours later a bout of uncontrolled giggling hits me. The cat gives me a look that says, "Mom has lost it." I'm about to agree when the voice pipes up again, "Doncha feel better now?"

I do!

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February 05, 2005

DO NOT USE DHL!!! Ever! It doesn't matter if you will have to wait a day to send your package through FedEx or UPS. Don't do it. The miscommunications, rudeness, and inability to actually pick up a package when they say they will make for more frustration and hassel than shipping a package should be. Drama. Lots of drama. It pissed me off. A lot! Don't do it- this is my only warning. I may have to disown you if you try.

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