November 30, 2004

Hats, gloves, and scarves are the necessary clothing staple of the day. All across campus you see mounds of clothes trudging over the snow. Big chunky boots, hiking boots, or several pairs of socks in sneakers keep the bodies moving while the arms, usually sticking out from the body because of the layers, keep them in balance. Only the most daring of cheeks and noses peek out into the air.

I know we can't have a snow day (Wyoming doesn't do that often) but couldn't we at least have a "It's too damn cold, go back to bed!" day?

I'm astounded by the perfect women. Everyone else from Professors down to Kindergarteners are bundled up against the elements. These women, in the perfect professional dress, have on a long coat. Perhaps there is a pair of slim leather gloves but definently no hat or scarf. Their make-up and hair is done. Their cheeks and noses aren't even the least bit pink from the cold. How?

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November 29, 2004

Holiday Debrief: My life for the last 5 days.

Braved blowing snow and a howling cat to go visit mom.
Listened to mom and friends gossip about other occupants of their building, the more "undesireable" types.
Dug cat out from under the bed and cleaned up 3 different dog-territory puddles.
Helped decorate mom's apartment lobby for christmas.
Dug cat out from under bed.
Watched muppet movies with my brother and his girlfriend.
Cleaned up at least 4 more dog puddles.
Took mom to visit grandma.
Was dissed by grandma as she chose to eat dinner at the home while we were waiting to visit her (with dinner).
Canceled going to a Thanksgiving dinner party at bro's girlfriend's mom's house.
Mom not feeling well.
Had McDonald's as my Thanksgiving feast.
Dug cat out from under bed and cleaned up more dog puddles
Braved blowing snow and howling cat to go home so that I wasn't snowed-in in Cheyenne.
Discovered my Friday shift was cancelled.
Locked my keys into my car.
Discovered my car is easy to break into.
Watched the evil 20/20 episode.
More snow and general weather ickiness.
Cancelled trip to Cheyenne to dance at a Hafla
Found out Hafla was cancelled...5 hours after they cancelled it.
Danced at the Overland.
Got a monthly gig at the Overland on their new "theme nights".
Re-met someone from my highschool.
Was recognized by a drunk (guy from my highschool) while I was decked out in my tribal bellydance garb.
More snow.
Discovered just bought potatoes were bad.
Fought with store for new potatoes.
Ate dinner with friends for Thanksgayving.
Watched movies.
Snow and really cold.
Was told of mandatory 3B (student teaching) registration meeting/changes the day of.
Generally am grumpy at my college.

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November 24, 2004

Have a good holiday all!

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November 23, 2004

I'm worried. There seems to be an epidemic. People are finding my blog in strange ways. Most of the searches I can deal with. However, two concern me. First, whomever is finding my blog through searching for Timberlake Socks...I've never even blogged about Timberlake Socks. Why would that pull up my page? Although, it will now, so you have an excuse. Is there such a thing as Timberlake Socks? I thought it was Timberland. Second: For the person(s) who are repeatedly searching for the Britany Spears video, "My Pergogative". It's not a good video, No,I don't have it here, and you should seek help...continually checking my blog isn't going to make me post that video....ever. Stop it!

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November 21, 2004

I can't really function today. I've been running on too little sleep for the last couple of weeks. Some insane part of my mind/body took over this weekend and said "Be super-social, stay out late, get up earlier than you should for staying out late, dance, drink...Bah! You don't need sleep!" I listened and agreed. Of course it may have something to do with missing seeing my friends en masse. It might also have a bit to do with Turner- performance artist and friend. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to hang out with him!

Here are some fun sites to keep you occupied until I'm caught up on sleep.

T.V. and Movies (need speakers)

Because none of us are lushes (pay attention to the mixing directions)

One liners to make the holiday a bit more interesting (such dirty minds!)

And...ummmm...not sure what to say about this (Seriously, be prepared.)

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November 20, 2004

snow. Snow! SNOW! SNOW!

Sloth may be over the Ugg-type snow boots but I'm damn happy for my knock-offs. Warm happy feet without having to trudge around in my hiking boots. Yay for warm toes!

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November 19, 2004

I've discovered that I am...or will soon be...that weird English teacher that everyone seems to have had. You know the one sometimes she wears strange outfits and does odd things in the room such as randomly reverse the direction of the desks (it's for a new perspective ya'know). She always has an insane amount of books in her room...and is excited about all of them, noise is a good thing, generally. On a more personal note she probably lives in a funky lil' house (not quite but the cupboard under the stairs qualifies for now), she probably owns several cats (on my way...1), and quite possibly rides her bike or walks to school everyday (Well no, it is cold in the mornings and the schools across town, but I like the thought).

On that note...I am officially cool. It took me until my final day to get that ranking, but I got it! A couple different students said that they would miss me because I'm "cool". And they have me figured out! I actually heard one student coaching a friend before his speech,"Miss Miller likes the gory details. Make sure you have them and be loud." If blood and guts gets them to put descriptive details into their papers and speeches, who am I to complain?

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November 17, 2004

Is it wrong to want to kick someone? Not anyone specific...just walk up and kick a random person in the shins. No reason.

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November 16, 2004

$10 on oil, gas can, gas, and a chocolate bar (anything to make the night better)
$30 on an oil change, 15 pt check-up, and a "why the hell is my car doing this?"
$70 to fix the broken fuel line and replace the fuel filter.

Now, I know why my car wasn't working. And it wasn't my fault.

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November 15, 2004


Just when I start thinking I am content with what I have....I trip. Today's obstacle took the form of my lil car not starting. Dead Battery. Maybe. I didn't leave lights on, I swear. It was cold and it just wouldn't start. I hate having to have people rescue me. I feel stupid. I should know how to fix this. I should have a car that is reliable. I should have discovered this before I was late to work. Dumb girl. This is when I miss Chris. That boy could and did fix my car anytime there was a hiccup. ~sigh~ I need to learn to fix cars.

Thank you to anyone that answered the phone at the buttcrack of dawn....sorry for waking you.

Big thank you and hugs to Linus for rescuing me this morning and trying to get my car jumped.

Big thank you and hugs to Drew for driving me around this afternoon and trying to get my car jumped.

Lots and lots of hugs and chocolate (the non-hershey kind) to Tessa and Mark for rescuing me twice...getting my car jumped twice....taking me to buy oil....and for more rescuings tomorrow quite possibly.

~sighs~ I just want a car that works. And the money to keep it working.

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November 12, 2004

Ummmm...I think this is the official "Go Ahead" from the Vatican.

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November 11, 2004

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November 10, 2004

I know I've mentioned this to some of you *Tessa* but I finally got off my tush and found out something about it. They are indeed remaking "The Last Unicorn". Yes, the beautiful sea full of unicorns, the grotesque harpy, the villianous bull and all the others are being brought to life. No more cartoons for this story. Live action, animitronics and CGI are remaking our childhood.

Actually, it looks really cool! They aren't very far along yet...even the site is temporary, but it is worth looking at. There are a few of the actors listed, lots of character sketches and story boards. There is even a video of one of the horses they are going to use. Several sites say that the movie is scheduled to be released around Christmas of 2006.


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November 08, 2004


My 7th graders are giving their "personal narrative" speeches. Basically, they are to stand up and tell a story about something embarrassing that happened to them. In the telling of the story they need to include things like attention getters, similes, metaphors, dialogue, and "what I learned" statements. Here are a couple of the gems from today.

"She was as beautiful as a golden retriever." - Joey

"I told her it wasn't my fault. The microwave burned my breakfast and started the fire." - Kodi

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November 05, 2004

It's time for something a little more interesting than The Royal Ass Shrub taking over the country again.

Riley Finn.

Who's your male Buffy soul mate?
brought to you by Quizilla


Buffy Summers.

Who is your female Buffy soul mate?
brought to you by Quizilla

Strangness reigns in BuffyQuizLand. Neither of my answers were the characters I would chose to date. Although, Riley is beautiful...ok would date him. Still having issues with dating Buffy...don't think I could do it. Where did Spike and Willow go?

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November 03, 2004


Please if any of you have children, or ever have children...please be smart enough to either A) not bring politics into the home or B) if you must then explain the choices and comments you make! There is nothing quite like listening to seventh and eighth graders spout propaganda and catch phrases indiscriminately without knowing what they mean. Honestly, I think I would rather go up against Rev. Phelps again than have to explain why we shouldn't say mean things about either candidate and why the stupid fuckin' discussion shouldn't be held in class anyway!!!! GRRRR.....

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November 01, 2004

Just a friendly little reminder (like you all need it) VOTE!
Ladies, exercise your hard earned civil liberties!
Gents, exercise the civil liberties you've had since the beginning!
Do whatever you have to...but get your vote counted!

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