August 31, 2005

~shimmy shimmy boom boom~

I've found bellydancing in LH!

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August 28, 2005

Apparently, the notion that LH is the up and coming spring break mecca has gone to some peoples heads. Namely the girls and women here. At any given time you can see more than you really want to. They all look like they walked right out of an MTV video (if MTV still played videos). You know the look...short short short frilly skirt (it could be mistaken for a belt), the tube top/tank to show off the bought barbie doll breasts, lots of jewelry, high strappy heels, and possibly some sort of hat (yes trucker caps on girls are still popular here). You see this everywhere. Why does it matter? Well, actually it doesn't. I just felt the urge to share after noticing one outfit last night. I was at the bowling alley with a couple other teachers, when in walks a girl looking like she is wearing a tube sock. I think it was a top...but...well white stretchy material with yellow and blue stripes around the very top? Tube sock.

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August 26, 2005

Please tell me Friday is over soon...It's not a bad day...just a long day.

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August 23, 2005

For Kyle:
Sweetpea, I am not intentionally ignoring your calls. You just have bad timing. In both cases the coffeeshopguy was over. He's all for providing the after - aftercare-care. Which means the phone gets ignored and I get to be the center of his attention. I'll call you soon...I promise! ~holds up three fingers cause she actually was a girlscout~

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August 22, 2005

Of all the nicknames I have, that could be chosen, that I answer to....the bdsm community has been stuck with Fish. With my email address and the fact that there is already a Red (very tall flaming red-headed Domme) and Princess Pink just isn't quite the style I want. Fish seemed to be the way to go. I wasn't opposed to just using my name...but...well....Fish leaves the door open for so many jokes.

I had a wonderful time in Phoenix. Met three tops, two of who have things for fetish wear. They let me play dress up with their closets. There is a lovely boy who has this thing about teasing other subs (as in tickling) and one with a foot fetish....he gives the most delightful foot rubs and has a thing for my secretary heels. And who knew that after being wrapped in rope, chain, and saranwrap that skin would be so overly sensitive that even the gentlest touches aren't exactly comfortable?

Random side note..... it appears that much like Laramie I am allergic to Phoenix. Freaking allergies!

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August 16, 2005

Request for supplies...

I need a calendar, a pirate's flag, and something pink and sparkley (school appropriate). Seriously. If you have 'em, send 'em my way.

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I get T.V. next Tuesday! I have been going through withdrawls. It is sad really...I've been camping out at friend's places as an excuse to watch anything. Desperately needing a L&O fix!

Oh! I'll be going to Phoenix this weekend to play at APEX. I've managed to get myself involved with planning my costume for the next party....1002 Arabian Nights (The one you don't talk about!) Bondage and bellydance costumes! Now, if I could just find someone who understands that I can be a newbie in the community but still have a high capacity for pain. Some people are soooo soft.....sheesh! ;)

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August 14, 2005

Coffeeshop guy and I went to dinner last night. I'm going to continue calling him that here because that is how he introduced himself over the phone. "Hi this is ______. You know...coffeeshop guy." We decide to try out one of the many different varieties of chinese food offered here. Very yummy though the name of the establishment is still giving me the giggles. Lin's Chinese and Pizza. Yep, two completely different food styles in one restaurant. I don't know if I am brave enough to try the pizza.

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August 13, 2005

Pssst...check out the links

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August 11, 2005

There was a girl, with a book, in a coffee shop. Then there was a boy.


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August 01, 2005

Didn't mean for that last post to be as down as it became. I'm actually still excited about this town, just have to wait until things are settled with the school before I go out looking for social.

That being said, thanks for the ideas...but...

1. I get stared at regularly here because I appear to be the only person that walks anywhere.
2. All ten people I work with stared at me when I asked about parks. They had to struggle...there is only one apparently.
3. I am the only single (as in not married) person working in the school.
4. I have made friends with the spanish teacher...she's geeky too!
5. The town really is made up of senior citizens and teenagers. Not entirely sure how...but that is how it appears.
6. I am deeply entrenched in Harry Potter (finally) so very good!
7. Blessed Lammas!

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