August 31, 2004

I adore high school aged kids. They are fun! They have energy....they have drama... I am addicted. This is why I want to be a high school teacher. But I was thinking about something that bothered me all day yesterday. How can 3 little months effect these kids brains and attitudes so much that when they get to campus as freshmen I can't stand them? Even the hoards of children from the Open School (on campus elementary for those of you not in Wyoming), who take over the Union at lunch are less annoying. Maybe it is a turf thing. In high schools I am the minority, as an "adult". Their individual attitudes and behaviors don't stand out as much. At the University though... ~sigh~ They make me feel old. I am NOT old!

Another question....but just for those that are in Laramie.
Has anyone else had a run in with the fence? Gacck! It is evil...there is no end! I was almost running late to my first class when I noticed that the fencing around Prexies Pasture had changed. Pleasant surprise, you can now walk through! So, I took off down one of the newly paved paths, only to be confronted by another fence that stretched from beyond the engineering building to past Wyo Hall. There is no break in this fence. If you don't get past it at either end, you don't get past. I was about 15 minutes late to class. Getting past the fence wasn't adventure enough...no! Of course my class is in an older building which means flight upon flight of stairs to get up 4 floors, only to have none of the room numbers be in any 'semblance of order. After I had figured out the evil genius of the fencing I watched other students try to win their battles. I even watched one guy toss his backpack over and rely on his childhood climbing skills to scale the fence. Seriously, fess up, how many of you lost at least one battle to the fence?

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August 30, 2004

I found this site today...pretty interesting. If I am reading the rest of you correctly, this should be right up your alleys.


Other news: Still processing this first day....will let you know later.

And in even more important news: Adult Toy Chest (online) is having a back-to-school sex toy sale. Go stock up!

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August 29, 2004

Classes start tomorrow and I am all a tingle. Don't take that to the gutter. It isn't dirty. Possibly weird ...but not dirty. I still get excited about the first day of school. I always have. I always will, I'm sure. I don't know why. When I was little I assumed it was because I was able to see my friends again, living 15 miles out the county line cut down on social interactions. There were also the new clothes, can't wear 'em until school starts, and all of the wonderful, brand new supplies.

Going to school has equipped me with a deep seated adoration of office supplies. Markers, highlighters, crayons, pens, pencils, unmarked notebooks, staplers, 3-ring binders, calendars, and anything else you can think of make my world happy. I like the idea that noone else has used the perfectly intact points of the crayons and that the notebook I bought, even though there are 20 more exactly like it on the shelf, is mine, uniquely mine.

Now, I am sure that friends, clothes, and office supplies are only symptoms. I love school. My brain seems suited for Academia. This may not always be apparent, but trust me ...it's true. I feel more comfortable when I know I have places to be and things to do. Sitting at a desk gives me a sense of security. I feel as if I am in the right place and that my choices are correct. I love it!

Taking classes will always be something that I do. Right now, however, I am embarking on the final leg of this degree. I am persuing a degree that will allow me to remain in school as long as I wish. Nope, I am not on the PHD track. I am working towards becoming a teacher. This semester I have my pedagogy/practicum and next semester I student teach. If the Jr. High students, my placement, don't eat me alive or lock me in the closet, I should graduate in May.

As for now, I am going to go color code my daily planner with my schedule, read over the syllabus for one of my classes, and possibly skim over the first few assigned chapters. Excitement! Happiness! Comfort!

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August 27, 2004

Do stars Google themselves? I am really curious about this. I just spent a good 20 - 30 minutes Google-ing various famous names. I even Googled names that I listed here, just to see if my blog was cool enough to be on a Google list. (How many times can I use that name? Think they will pay me if I keep it up?) I have Googled my own name. I have Googled friend's names. Sometimes I wish I hadn't. The things you can find on Google. Back to the original question, Do stars Google their own names?

Picture this: David Bowie and Iman lounging elegantly around their living room on a Sunday morning, the paper spread out over the table, the remains of a light breakfast still lingering on the plates, and a laptop open with a browser set to Google.

Or what about the pop stars? When finally home for an evening does Justin Timberlake check out the Google fan pages under his name?

Hollywood? Does Jen Aniston check out the Google pages when Brad is off filming?

Go on. Go Google your name. Go Google mine. Go. Ya know you want to...

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August 26, 2004

List....because I can.

~ Bought a new book and cd last night
~ Flirted with a cute guy (nothing came of it though)
~ Posted pictures to my Flickr account, go look. Right now it is mostly me being a goof - more pics of friends and family will be added when I remember to scan them in.
~ Craving hot chocolate....with chili powder. Don't knock it.
~ Rain is good. I want these so I can play in the puddles. The green argyle ones.
~ Frustrated with a friend who seems to be doing his best to find new and interesting ways to shove his head up his own ass. Unfortunately, this leaves the rest of us (his friends) to sit in the background, watch him, cringe, and cheer him on. Why cheer him on? So that when he reaches a point where he can actually see what is around him he will understand friendship.
~ Can't believe today is only Thursday. Seriously. It needs to be Saturday. Now.
~ Wasn't the RNC last night? Did anyone watch it? What did I miss?
~ Adore Benton County, Oregon right now. Why? They were issuing same sex marriage licenses. When told to stop (by the state officials) they stopped issuing ALL marriage licenses, so that they weren't discriminating.

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August 25, 2004

Originally uploaded by MandyFish.
You know it is a good Birthday party when it starts like this.

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Originally uploaded by MandyFish.

And ends like this!
Happy 29th Birthday Jim!

(We celebrated this last weekend...but today is the day...go wish him a good one!)

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August 24, 2004


Sorry, couldn't help it. Thanks to a run of silly teen movies on tv....including the quoted Bring It On...my inner cheerleader/promqueen/popular girl had to come out to play.

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I am reading a book. (Amazing, I know!) I borrowed it from Abra. Well, actually Linus borrowed it from Abes but he left it on the desk so I am reading it now. You should read it as well. Fun stuff.

Ever wonder about those missing years in the Bible? You know, the ones that would fill us in to what Jesus did before he took over the position as Messiah. Here's the book that will explain it all.

Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

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August 23, 2004

And then there are those people who make you want to scream,"Your voice is giving me hives!"
Why? Why can't new students, specifically non-trads, follow simple instructions? I hand them a sheet of paper with carefully and completely written out, step by step instructions. They wave off or completely ignore any extra explanations I may give them. Then they get pissy with me when I point out which step on the instructions page they would be on as part of the answer to their metric butt-ton of questions. It isn't that hard people! Seriously. Type in your vital stats and *poof* you have an account. I don't understand. Hordes of highschool students were able to focus long enough to realize that all they had to do was read the instructions. Foreign students may want someone else to set up their accounts, but they still read the instructions! I know it is my job...I should stop whining. But I can't! At least not when there are students like this invading my world.

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Originally uploaded by MandyFish.
A Monday morning funny for you. A little small, sorry 'bout that, click the pic and it will make it larger. Or take you someplace completely unexpected. Take a chance.

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August 22, 2004

Here is my suggestion for wrapping up the weekend happily. Gather up a blanket, pillow, drink, and favorite food/snack. Position yourself squarely in front of the television and give in. Watch 13 hours of the Olympics. Cheer for your "home" team. Root for the underdog, even if that means your team loses. If all else fails, change the channel and get lost in whatever horribly hacked for tv movie happens to be on. Personally, I would go for any one of the multitude of teen movies that seem to be on this weekend....but that's not for everyone. No matter what...smile, laugh, cheer, talk to the tv, cuss at the announcers. Enjoy yourself!

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August 20, 2004

Without any deep philosophical discussions on belief or non-belief...

What/who do you think you were in your most recent past life?

Play along and have fun!

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August 18, 2004

Have I ever told anyone how much I loathe mornings?

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August 17, 2004

Everyone, meet my mom. Posted by Hello

This woman has lead an amazing life. Not all of it has been easy. In fact huge portions of it have been enough to make other people run and hide. She has had three children, though only knows two. She has survived a messy divorce with very minimal scarring. She supported me through every idea, notion, fad, and obsession I had. She held onto my brother when he was falling into a world he couldn't handle. She is the perfect PFLAG mom to all my friends. She taught me everything I know about how to treat other people...and how not to.

She recently, as in this weekend, won another battle. She has MS. This weekend was a turning point. She was on the verge of a breakdown. Unemployment runs out next month. She hasn't worked in over six months. My brother and I were getting ready to step up, again. Then Social Security came through. $700+ a month! With low low rent, currently only $1, this will be a big help. But most importantly, it gives her security. Along with the money she now has health insurance again! We don't know if she will be able to get her inhibitors back but at the very least when she has her next exacerbation she will be able to go see the doctor!

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August 16, 2004

'Morning Kids,

This weekend ended up being exactly what I needed. Down Time. Friday, my hookey day, was spent doing extremely girly things like shopping and getting lavender clay scrub pedicures. We also went out to eat with an amazing group of women. It was Bridget's mom's 59th Birthday. With her and two of her friends, one who flew in from NewYork, we took over a Moroccan restaurant. I adore Ma Tam Fez. We sat on the floor, ate with our fingers, watched the bellydancer, flirted with the head waiter, harassed the individual course waiters (there were 5), and stared in amazement at the tricks the waitress did while serving peppermint tea. There were stories from the older women that had us rolling on our cushions. Other tables even joined in. These women have been friends for 20+ years. They were sensational. They were always laughing. I hope beyond hope that I will be that amazing on my 59th birthday.

Saturday night was interesting to say the least. It was intended that we would gather and get the NerdyGirl drunk. It really was needed after her journey back to her homeland of RockSprings. Instead it was the Reverend Furious and Big Gay Jim that got toasted. A lot! There was also a websearch for tentacle sex and gay porn. Not together. There were Olympics to watch as well as cartoons. There was going to be a dip in the hottub, but the alcohol bubbles clouded the brains of those turning the tub on and it didn't heat up in time.

Sunday was very happy with a visit to my mom's. There will be more about that later when the scanner is up and running again. I went bowling with Drew, Travis, and Abra. I actually bowled this time, though it was with bumpers.

All in all....I am better.

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August 13, 2004

I'm playing hookey today. Maybe it will help.

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August 12, 2004

Sometimes I get so caught up in what I am doing that I forget to breathe. Sometimes the Powers That Be push me down and force me to take huge, gulping breaths. Last night was one of those times. I feel let down, almost depressed. I don't know why. Everything went well yesterday. I had fun throwing 'rangs. But home was a whole different story. The instant I sat down I started crying. Bawling. I am not a pretty crier. Nothing was helping. I couldn't and still can't identify what is wrong. I've been through the checklist. Nothing. I don't know.


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August 11, 2004

Little Willy with a thrist for gore,
Nailed his sister to the door.

His mother said with humor quaint,
"Willy dear, don't spoil the paint."

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Jim...I'm sorry but after he leaves his wife...Brad is mine!!! And if you argue again I give Orlando to Zeus.

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August 10, 2004


Anyone want to spend $200...on me? I want this:

Maybe for Christmas? I'll be a good girl...

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August 09, 2004

I'm blogging this. {switch channel}

There was a convergence in the blogsphere this weekend. Pup and T came to visit the Laramie Crew. Well, no...they came to be band geeks (love you) but were within driving distance of us. They now know, for certain, that the NerdyGirl is indeed small and bookworm-ish, the Reverend Linus Furious does expound, at great length, about most anything, and that Mandyland is indeed a state of mind, not just a blog gimmick. {channel}

Never let the Rev near a toy boat....especially if the sushi is still on it. {channel}

My right arm will now fall off.....but I am no longer just throwing sticks. The 'rang is starting to come back. Woo-hoo! {channel}

Why is there a pair of underwear in the Ivinson parking lot? {channel}

He prowls the night looking for victims......to rescue..{channel}

This mob blows. {switch off tv}

hand in my pocket and I'm waiting for my rocket to come {switch off radio}

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Someone on "I Love the 90's ", VH1 's show, said that the Hugh Grant / prostitute scandal proved to the world that American (women) will believe anything that comes with a sexy accent. I am prone to agree with this. Personally, I melt at just about any accent other than the bland western accent I am surrounded by.

I really do have a thing for British accents though. Not sure why. Perhaps it is my secret (not so anymore) crush on Hugh Grant. I adore him. Maybe it is because I would happily follow Colin Firth around the world.

Where is all of this going? Coming from? I watched the movie "Love Actually" this weekend. Twice. You have probably already have seen it....I was a little late getting to it. Not the best romantic comedy around....but definently not the worst. If only christmas' s really did happen this way in my life. Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, and Keira Knightly. There is a Brit and a love story there for everyone.

Besides, who can resist a movie that comes with quotes like these:

"Now which doll shall we give Daisey's little friend Emily? The one that looks like a transvestite or the one that looks like a dominatrix?"

"We need Kate, and we need Leo. And we need them now. Come on."

"Well, this is a surprise. Ten minutes at Elton John's and you're as gay as a maypole."

"Who do you have to screw around here to get a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit? "

"There was more than one lobster present at the birth of Jesus?"

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August 06, 2004

You are beautiful.

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August 05, 2004

Because it hasn't been mentioned in a while, and because I am thinking about it at the moment, I'm going to talk about bellydancing. The group is continuing to learn new choreographies starting tonight. We are working towards a show in September. There are two new dances to learn in four weeks! This should be good fun. One, which I know nothing of yet, will include zills (finger cymbals). The other I have technically learned, but I don't remember much of it other than it involves a lot of spinning and a move we have started calling "The octopus". It is a combination move that ....well.....is just weird. Arms are going in the traditional snake-arms movement, you've seen it. Hips are going in circles. The fun part is that the whole body is turning in circles as well. Did you get dizzy reading about it? Try dancing.

The show in September should be lots of fun. Dancers from Cody down to Colorado Springs, everywhere in between, and outside that line are attending. The main draw is Aradia. You may have seen her or heard of her. She is phenomenal! Pretty much anytime you see a bellydancer on t.v. (not involved in a stripping porn) the dancer is Aradia. She danced at Celine Dion's wedding....and at the premiere of "The Mummy".

There is an evening show where she will be performing as well as all of our troupes. I don't know yet if it is completely open to the public or just for the dancers. The flier I have seen says General Admission $10 at the door. I will keep you all posted.....cause it would be fun to have friends there watching my obsession.

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August 04, 2004

Entertaining thought for the day: Flogging Molly will be in Denver in October! Must get tickets!

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August 03, 2004

Being a creature who is strangely open to suggestions I have been thinking about myself, happiness, and relationships. But after a couple "oh-my-gawd-I'm-almost-30-and-single" hours, something hit me. I like me. I know it sounds like a self-help mantra. It may have been, but this time it helped. I can't say that I have never felt like I HAD to be in a relationship, but right now, other than a few nagging moments, I am happy by myself. To keep the impending exploration of my downfalls away I made a list. A list of what makes me. It is a long list, but could be longer. It doesn't contain everything, but everything it does contain is part of me.

- I adore cheesy paperback romance novels just as much as any other book.
- I have freckles on my shoulders.
- I have a love/hate relationship with shoes. I hate them, would rather not wear them, but if I have to I want lots of fun options.
- I am permanently scarred from the childhood cartoon combo of "Dot and the Kangaroo" and "Watershipdown". Freaky-ass bunnies!
- Pink actually isn't my favorite color.
- I can fall asleep almost anywhere.
- My thumbs don't match. The right is shorter than the left.
- I "practice" conversations.
- I am 27
- Repetitive tasks calm me down.
- Love doing laundry. The smell makes me happy.
- I eavesdrop unabashedly, but randomly. Usually to strangers in restaurants or lines.
- I want to travel. Everywhere. All of it.
- Tomatoes are my favorite fruit.
- My teen angst period is now marked by physical scars.
- I constantly remind people of someone else they know.
- I had a circus wagon as a playhouse when I was little.
- I can get lost in books - Just give me 10 minutes.
- I am finally learning to cook.
- I have a weakness for ethnic foods. Even if they are Americanized.
- I have almost no sense of geographical direction. North and South elude me if I am not concentrating, but I can always find my way back to the car/home. I'm like a pigeon that way.
- Halloween is my favorite holiday.
- I have always owned a box of Crayola Crayons.
- I was a Colorguard or Flag Girl for the highschool marching band.
- Being loud and disruptive for a cause bothers me. Subtlety is the key.
- Yelling (during an argument) will only get one of two reactions from me. I will shut down and leave or I will yell back.
- I am very tactile.
- I was/am the child that touched everything in the store.
- Leaning or curling up with someone is the most comfortable way to sit.
- Ben&Jerry's Chunky Monkey Icecream is always happy.
- I cannot eat chicken noodle soup. Something about the consistency bothers me beyond belief.
- Eggs only belong in breakfast foods or in an indistinguishable form as an ingredient, not in soup or rice.
- Long periods of silence make me nervous.
- I was named for a Barry Manilow song.
- Minor details capture my interest.
- Given the choice...BurgerKing not McDonalds.
- I am still bothered by eating seafood in a landlocked state. I am getting better though...no longer a strict "NO".
- I love walking in the snow.
- I sleep with two stuffed animals. One I have had since I was three.
- I sleep under a down blanket even during the summer.
- I can go through a gallon of milk in under a week.
- I love my friends and family with all my heart.
- I have been in love with only one person and gave the relationship everything I could before leaving.
- I have photos of my grandparents when they were in highschool.
- I will always choose blackbeans over refried.
- I love watching movies.
-Jewel-toned colors always feel exotic and expensive to me.
- I only wear my glasses when my eyes hurt, or I have to read.
- Stars are my favorite shapes.
- I make a great back-up singer.
- I try to make people laugh.

This is me. I like me.

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August 01, 2004

My weekend, at a glance...

Shit, my phone is only dialing 9....what the hell???
Ooohh, let's play catch...
Battle Cows!!!!
Phone is still screwed...
Clay drew me as a comic!!!!
Hiking in the Snowys...
Grilled dinner...
Phone worked for all of 10 minutes...
t.v. until all hours...
Up for a walk at dawn...

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