December 29, 2004

Lenny Brisko.......Baby's dad in Dirty Dancing......Jerry Orbach died yesterday.

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Hi Pup! ~waves~ Oohhhh look Mark is back! No we actually broke tradition on the movie one too and didn't go. We did however rent TONS of movies. Napoleon Dynamite, IRobot, Love Actually, Sound of Music, Shaun of the Dead....I'm sure there are more but they are starting to blur together. Yes, that's right all we did was sit (look Travis sit vs. set - which is correct?) and stare at the idiot box. It was great! Sooo...Dave, Christmas eve present opening is a European thing huh? Maybe....someday I'll claim that. But right now I think it is a hold over from when my brother and I were little. We could never wait for Christmas morning...so it happened the night before....or there would be no sleep for anyone. And to completely skip the whole meaning of the season - What did I get? Lots of clothes, the teacher kind...but in Mandy colors and styles, socks..the house kind...you know as opposed to the sidewalk kind, chocolate, chocolate from Portland, movies, an Elton John cd, a stylin' coat, shoes, and I gained back the whole 7 pounds I'd lost. All in all a really good holiday. Oh, just in case anyone is wondering, there is a reason behind the long aimless ramblings about consumerism ...If I keep typing Crazy Cat Lady will think I am busy and will stop talking to me. I am not up to listening to her bitch about the evils of COE Library and having to replace documents. Anyway, have a good day all...I'm going to go...wander the halls or something.....

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December 27, 2004

This year Lady, my mother...it's a nickname, decided that we were going to bypass the Christmas Lasagna and eat at the apartments community dinner. Lots of very good if not exactly Christmasy (See BBQ beans and devil-ed eggs) food was too be had. This expansion of our dinner season lead me to a couple observations.

1. My mom is a hoodlum. A slightly over 50 hoodlum. Yep. I believe I caught her moving people's plates at least 3 times, randomly moving decorations, and once I watched her scoot up behind someone and honk - scaring them. (Clarification - she didn't honk...she honked the bike horn that is now fixed onto her walker)

2. Our family has holiday traditions that do not necessarily translate well to the outside world. We eat lasagna, throw rolls instead of passing them, unwrap presents on Christmas eve, go to the movies x-mas day, insult each other while listening to carolers. Chaos? Slightly, but the holidays wouldn't be the same without these. Traditions? Definently. We've done this since I was little.

3. If you ever want to be reminded of how young you actually are, how you are really seen....eat dinner with some 30 relative strangers. Preferably ones that are mostly senior citizens.

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December 21, 2004

Did you ever hear the story of the Christmas Tree
who just didn't want to change the show
He liked living in the woods and playing with squirrels
He liked icicles and snow.

He liked wolves and eagles and grizzly bears
and critters and creatures that crawled
Why bugs were some of his very best friends
Spiders and ants and all.

Now that's not to say that he ever looked down
on the vision of twinkling lights
Or on mirrored bubbles and peppermint canes
And a thousand other delights

And he often had dreams of tiny reindeer
and a jolly old man and a sleigh full of toys
and presents and wonderful things
And the story of Christmas Day

Oh, Alfie believed in Christmas all right
He was full of Christmas cheer
All of each and every day
and all throughout the year

To him it was more than a special time
much more than a special day
It was more than a beautiful story
It was a special kind of way

You see, some folks have never heard a jingle bell ring
And they've never heard of Santa Claus
They've never heard the story of the son of God
And that made Alfie pause.

Did that mean that they'd never know of peace on earth
or the brotherhood of man
Or know how to love, or know how to give
If they can't...no one can.

You see, life is a very special kind of thing
not just for a chosen few
But for each and every living breathing thing
Not just me and you

So in your Christmas prayers this year
Alfie asked me if I'd ask you
Say a prayer for the wind, and the water, and the wood
And those who live there, too.

~John Denver~
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December 20, 2004

This is how I feel today. I've been the resident Dear Abby since I woke up. I've battled ex-fiance demons and losing a daughter nightmares with Texas. I helped Kit fight his jealousy of Victoria's Secret. I gave my bro advice on what to get his gf for christmas. Any one else? I could use the nickles. Posted by Hello

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December 17, 2004

Because it is Friday....of finals...

Plain Sight

Your Beauty lies
in Plain Sight. Plain, simple and the girl next
door. People tend overlook you as you are the
"normal girl", but you're actually
very beautiful. And you have plenty about you to
set you apart, but more that
lets you blend. People love the stability you have
because as others may come
and go, you will always be there and you may always
be the same. You like simple
things and that's what people like about you. You
most likely enjoy things most
consider normal, like movies, shopping, that sort
of thing and are very friendly
and probably have many friends. You are sweet and
kind and that shows on you,
but you're also strong and not very naive. You're a
rather well-rounded
individual. Even though some people pass you off as
just another girl, shrug it
off because they don't know what they're

Some Things
That Represent You:

Earth, Light Animal: Cat Color:
Pinks, Blues, Browns Song:
Girl Next Door by Pilot Expression: Simple

Alexandrite Mythological Creature: Fox
Demon, Hobbit Planet: Jupiter Hair
Light Brown Eye Color:

"To the world you may be one person, but to
one person you may be the world."

Where Does Your Beauty Lie? ..::Original Pictures Are Back! Detailed Results::..
brought to you by Quizilla

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December 16, 2004

I just finished watching "The Secretary". I've realized that I want that. Ok...Yes the kink would be a welcome addition but that isn't what I am talking about. I would love to be in a relationship like that. Understanding of all habits, good or bad, desire to the point of nothing else, trust, friendship. Love. Desire.

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December 15, 2004

My powers as a Seer expand! ~thunder and lightening~

If there is any doubt to my powers.......this is one of the more reliable tools at my disposal.

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December 13, 2004

Cock juggling thunder cunt!

Because I apparently forgot to put the best quote up on the Saturday Soundbite post.

Try saying it though. Go on. It's fun! Ya know you wanna....come on try...

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December 12, 2004

Saturday Soundbites:

I bought fries for you. Actually, I bought a burger. They just came with.

You really can get "Peeps" for any season.

Doesn't that frosting just say, "Look at my little gingerbread ovaries"?

"Vampires, you display them in the window?"
"You made a vampiric pomeranian?"

Apparently, vampires make me carnivourous.

I like this movie already. Macaulay's in a wheelchair.

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December 11, 2004

I wasn't expecting to see him tonight. I wasn't expecting to see him at all. It has been exactly one year. We've never run into each other. I'm good with this. I'm not so good with the sudden rush of flustering heat and the heartstopping moment where I have to decide what kind of ex-fiancee-ex-girlfriend I'm going to be.

I held my own. Well, for the five minutes he was in the coffee shop. I played it cool. My smile only faltered when we made eye contact. Then I turned back to listen to the poet, but not before seeing his expression change from recognition to a no-I'm-not-acknowledging-her look.

Then I broke. He and the girl he was meeting left rather quickly, stopping outside the glass door to stand there. I broke. Tried to make contact without leaving my spot against the wall. When that didn't work I ran. Ran around the table to hold on to the first open, caring, sheltering body I found. Ben. I stayed clutching onto Ben's arms for a good five minutes babbling, trying to decide what I was feeling. It wasn't until halfway through that five minutes I realized he could probably see us. I never meant to use you like that Ben. But, thank you again for the comfort.

My mind is whirling trying to decipher what happened. How is it that it had to be today that we had this? If he is in a coffee shop voluntarily on a Friday night then, yes, his life has definitely changed. What is the girl to him? He used to badmouth her. I know she is in AA, maybe this means he is too...for sure. Why would he stop right outside the glass door?

Why am I doing this?

Why am I stressed over things I can't change....don't want to change?

I know why. It has been a year. Not one date. Not one crush. Nothing.

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December 08, 2004

Where are we?
Where are we?
You're lost?
No, yeah...sort of. I know where we are, but...
Why are we here?
Is this going to be one of those soul searching,find the meaning of life moments?
Umm, no. Seriously, why did we come here?
Where are we again?
The free parking lot.
So, your car is here?
But it isn't. I parked at the school today.

Bus Driver: Miss?
Sorry, I forgot where I parked today. I'm just going to ride back with you.

Think I can put this on finals stress?
Possibly. You are talking to yourself.

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December 07, 2004

Tell me something noone else in the world knows.
Ok...well, you are recently divorced, suffer from mononucleosis, and like cats.
Send everyone home the position has been filled.
I hate it when you smile. It means you are about to do something dangerous.
The language of the birds?
I really think people should get parking spaces before having to save the world.
That box belonged to a gal named Pandora. Maybe it is best we don't open it?
Twit tweet tweet brrr bip bop bip twit. In the language of the birds that means "You're up a creek, and I've got the paddle."
Or she's been in cohoots with him since the begining. Cohoots. I've been cohooted!
Get your own geek!
I should have known he was evil. He gave me an A-.
Why are you smiling?
There are time traveling motorcycle ninjas after us.

That's right. I watched the Indianna Jones rip-off The Librarian:Quest for the Spear. It was actually pretty good. Besides, who could pass up the star studded cast? Noah Wyle, Bob Newhart, Jane Curtain, Olympia Dukakis, and Kyle MacLachlan.

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December 06, 2004

Ok...So here's the thing. After venting then working many hours on homework the gods decided to bless me with the mother of all headaches. Somewhere around 11 this morning, when I was up and functioning, I took stock again.

Most of the things I vented about are things I need to deal with, my insecurities. Taken apart and looked at individually I was being petty. Not one of situations warranted a venting as it happened. All together they did hurt, but only because I let them, I wouldn't give them up.

I'm not taking back or tempering anything about my being "touchy" though. That is just one detail you are all going to have to live with.

On to much happier news. I'm going to the 12th Teen Reading Conference in March. Someone somewhere has decided the sheer tons of teen popculture in brain can be used for something good.

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December 05, 2004

Warning: Rant - Hurt feelings are being vented.

I am tired. Tired of all the games. Tired of people who don't even realize they are playing games. Tired of people who do realize and don't care. I'm tired of being treated like a random extra. I am not someone who has to be coddled or humored.If you don't want to do something with me, tell me. I'm tired of being dropped. I'm tired of being set aside as unimportant. Ignored.

I know that the end of semester brings tension, stress, and a myriad of other evil things. So what? We are all going through the same shit. It doesn't mean we stop being friends. This has been going on longer than finals. Longer than I'd like to admit. When it was just a random occurance I tried to relax - to not take it personally. It doesn't matter now. It has happened one too many times. It hurts.

I am also tired of misunderstandings. My motives may not always seem clear. Lately it has come to my attention that people are misinterpretting my "touchy" nature. If I touch you, hug you, pet you, or lean against you it does not mean I am interested in anything more. It means that I think of you as a friend. That your energy is comforting to me. I'm trying to share some of that comfort.

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December 03, 2004

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December 01, 2004

It's 9:30 pm and I'm sitting in Coe Library with my feet propped up on boxes of printer paper. My books are spread out around me giving the impression of a very busy girl. I've de-wintered for the time being. Sweater, scarf, and mittens have been discarded to the side of the desk. I should be working. I have four rather time consuming projects to get done in the next two weeks. I am not. I'm talking to Pup over messenger, making faces at a friend across the room, blogging, reading blogs, and only occasionally typing up revamped lesson plans. ADD has kicked in and I can't focus. This is why you should never let me work in Coe, Jim.

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Our resident Photo Mistress rocked the Masquerade Ball (back in October) with her sexy dress and wings. Check out the pics of her and the rest of us....here.

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Add Your Light To The Fire

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