May 31, 2005

Quiz Time!

Because I'm a geek: What form of American English do you speak? I am an anomaly....interesting....

To determine the exact level of my geekiness: How geeky are you? It appears that I have gaming deficiencies.

I'm "spank me pink". This comes as no surprise. What rejected crayon color are you?

Not how you kiss, but.... What famous movie kiss are you? Oooh! I'm the Breakfast at Tiffany's Kiss.

You didn't really think I'd let you go without a kink quiz, did you? Which deviant fetish should you indulge in? Blood fetish. Now, how'd they know I have a thing for vampires?

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May 27, 2005

Rev. Furius has a contest going. Pictures of the flock in our best WTF - moments are available for viewing. Click on the pictures to get better ideas of what we are doing....THEN ......leave your best caption for each one on his comments section. Everyone play. Come on you know you wanna.

I'm of the personal opinion that the look that I have, in my pic, would be almost impossible to duplicate.

**My duties as Seer have been slow as of late...am expanding into advertising for the BlackPope.

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I'm starting another round of applying. I'm all set. I've got my shit together this time (see resume, cover letter, inquiry letter, etc.). If you've read anything about me lately, talked to me, or even seen me from miles away you probably know where I stand on this. I hate limbo! I just want a job. I can live anywhere, deal with anyone for a year. That in mind, other factors have been brought back into the forefront. On top of applying to all the tiny 8x10 towns in this area (which I know I would turn upside down with my amazing Princess powers), I'm also looking at places that actually have kink/poly/queer countercultures. Mayhaps this will make me feel better about up and leaving our community?

Note: Just after publishing this the first time, I received an email from the Lake Havasu school. They are still interested. While I'm not sure about their counterculture there, I'm not going to burn this bridge. A job is a job, and this is one of the schools I was orginally interested in.

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May 26, 2005

I suddenly have Gwen Steffani's newest song stuck in my head

Reverend Linus:
sorry - "It's my shit"

"Few times I've been round that track and I ain't no holler back girl"

Reverend Linus :
What garbage.

I agree, still stuck in my head

Reverend Linus:
It's a world of laughter, a world of tears...
a world of hopes and a world of fears
there's so much that we share
that it's time we're aware...

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
and their like it's better than yours...

Reverend Linus:

Mandy :
I win.

Reverend Linus:
yes. I don't want to play with you anymore.

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May 25, 2005

Yesterday, I had the fortune to meet Monk, and the joy of playing with Griffin!

I am now completely and hopelessly twitterpated with rope! As the day goes on, I am finding more and more marks, bruises, welts, and almost raw spots. There is this feeling I am still wearing the ropes that spent most of the night and early morning wrapped around my upper body. This isn't just from the pretty red welts (that are bruising nicely in a few places) but from something ecstatic inside. I've also discovered a perverse liking to pressing hard against the sorest of the places. I do believe there will be a perma-grin and a giddy sub-space giggle in place for several days.

~bouncy bouncy twirly twirly~

Thanks, Sir!

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May 24, 2005

Annnddd Welcome to another amusing round of "Who are the Perverts in our Neighborhood?" ! For those of you new to this game, I keep track of who's visiting my blog. If you find me by search engine, I know what key words you typed in. Entries are posted exactly as the appear on the tracker, misspellings and all.

disclaimer: Today's entries have been edited, keeping the dirtiest ones for giggles some other time.

First up the fairly tame but questionable: yoga + hotpants (You are the one that buys the "Naked Yoga" tapes, aren't you?)

Next we have the exciting: transvestites name generator (Cool beans! Is there really one of these? )

In the made for tv movie category we have: movies with Bob Newhart and Jane Curtain (Can't think of anything to say 'cause I know how you got this from my blog.)

Religion made the cut this time with: Baha'ai "even half" (Yeah...friend of the faith, not claiming to be half, quarter, pinkie toe, or hair folicle.)

There have been stranger entries: Bart Simpson phrases (Eat my shorts!)

Next is the pervert for the day with: Foreskin bears (You are neighbors with yoga hotpants guy, ain't ya?)

And our winner in the WTF!!!! category: Child gyno exams (Wrong, dude. Wrong.)

Thanks for tuning in and don't miss the next exciting round!

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May 23, 2005

Originally uploaded by MandyFish.
Bunny is my new bestfriend.

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Is there a term to describe the idiotness that is stronger than assmuppet? I'm coming up with donkeyrapingshiteater, but even that doesn't quite fit the loathing I have for my neighbor (the new techer) and his friends.

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May 20, 2005

In honor of a damn good ending to a horrible prequel trilogy:

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May 19, 2005

Apparently, my being somewhat still and mostly quiet is confusing to the general public. I've been asked several times this morning if I'm ok. Yes. Just quiet.

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May 17, 2005

Line. I keep seeing a line. It isn't actually there, just in my mind. Somewhat like a superscript in editing. Stark. Black. Through everything. There was a really funny dream dialogue I was going to share, it concluded with Cthulhu being the key to everything, but the line is back. Well, not back...more like still here. Running right through the thought until I have to squint to even come up with half of the dream.

I am now queen of the BS37 lab, I've formally usurped the Reverend....and changed the lab hours. No sitting here at 3am! I find myself watching the people though, wondering if any are the ones that Rev supplied backgrounds and personas for. There is only one person in my lab right now. She has a fun ringtone. Very Calypso. I've started my own form of dance. It revolves around the opening duties. While turning on the computer monitors a very basic three-step grapevine makes the journey down the row, from one side to the other, much more flowy. Need to brush up on balance and basic ballet leg moves? Checking the storage for paper provides a perfect opportunity. There is even a little melody that goes through my head during this time.....but only after I've first completed the complicated tango with the janitorial staff (which apparently must happen every morning). I haven't started counting steps around the lab yet. This is a good sign.

Sara Douglass, one of my favorite authors, has three new books out! Each from a different series. She is publishing in Australia so I understand that it is just the US publishing release dates that make all of them come out at the same time. But, don't they realize the position they are putting me in? Which to read? The fantasy about Avar (forest people), Acharite (humans), and Icarii (winged people) fighting a Destroyer from another world? The religious history (completely fictional) about a monk (a line of actually) who is to keep the secret that blocks demons and devils from ravaging the world, but...who can he trust- the demons are already escaping? Or what about the fantasy about Greek/Roman gods and goddesses that travel through time to keep their labyrinth game going?

So, yeah.....I shouldn't be allowed to surf sex toy sites. Sometimes the toys just kinda make you blink and wonder "what in the hell were they thinking?" Take this Japanese toy site for instance.

Hmmm...perhaps I should have warned you about the mind dump?

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May 13, 2005

Grit your teeth and cringe. Do it now. This will be the only way you will get through this information.

The man put in charge of Women's Reproductive Rights (or lack thereof), by mr. bush, is not as "holy" as he'd have the American public believe. If you ask his ex-wife (What?!? A divorce? He doesn't believe in divorce!) she calls him a RAPIST.

Here is the article: http://www.thenation.com/doc.mhtml?i=20050530&c=1&s=mcgarvey


Here is a very good, opinionated blog post about the article: http://educatedslut.blogspot.com/

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May 12, 2005

L: Dream of checkered dildos powered by marshmallow cream
M: Ummm..Would marshmallow cream work all that well?
I'm thinking it would be to thick...and possibly sticky to conduct vibrations well
L: It's MAGIC...
M: How many have you used?
L: None. I don't need dildos
M: Then how would you know about the magic?
L: Elves told me. They know such things
M: Did they also write about you on the bathroom wall?
L: No. But I was listed on an elf chat board...
M: hmmm...made that note was scrawled by pixies then?
L: Oh - those whores? You can't believe anything they say!
M: But they wrote with permanent marker...it must be true!
L: No. They wish I'd do that stuff. I don't even OWN a snow blower!
M: Oh. It wasn't about a snow blower. Where is that note written?
L: Umm... I don't... um... nevermind.
M: So.....how do you use tomatoes?
L: As door stops mostly
M: They drew pict-o-grams but doorstops wasn't what it looked like to me.
L: Ok, they don't own the rights to that art! I'm suing!!

This may be why Linus and I aren't allowed to work together in the labs.

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It's spring!

Sure it is....What about the snow?

Right. There is that.

You had to turn the radiators on last night.

Yeah, but, the sun is out full force...


It's not bitter cold.


And.....ummmm....the UW gardening staff is busy clearing the flower beds of snow. They plan on planting petunias today.

The weirdness of this town amazes me sometimes.

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May 11, 2005

Sheridan = Not holding my breath.


I did get to see a foal being born, though. Other travelers looked at me strangely when I stopped...until they saw what I was looking at.


Driving into the Laramie valley though rain, the beginnings of hail, and dense fog is like opening a present. Once you get through all the concealing wrappings you come across something sparkling and pretty.

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May 09, 2005

The commencing has begun.
We have commenced.
It happened.
We were stoled.
We walked.
We danced most of the night away.
We were werewolves and Puritans.
We slept...a lot.
We Graduated!


I sat through the International Students' portion of Multicultural Graduation putting words together. I had a pretty decent speech going, even though I heard little to none of the other grads words. Then I stepped in front of the podium and all language skills fled.

When I came back to school I was lost. I didn't know who I was, where I wanted to be, or even if coming back was the right choice. Then I found my niche. I was welcomed home by friends who I have known way too long to start counting years now. I connected with new friends that I can't do without. They are my family.

There were times when the last thing I thought I could do was open a book. There were times when I chose to hide in my classes. I was not allowed to do either. A few special professors saw to that.

I can't possibly begin to say everything I need to say to thank you all. You have been strong when I wasn't. You opened doors and lead me to opportunities I didn't even know were available. Thank you. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for inviting me to be part of yours.

This is what I was supposed to say. I don't even remember what I babbled at you all, so I'm guessing that it didn't come out like this. I still feel this way.

Thank you!

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May 03, 2005

Not to preempt the real post....but.....Why didn't I know about this?!?!

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One of the current culprits behind my blog reading obsession is Thomas; who is now conveniently linked. Somewhere along the way he picked up a challenge from a blog he reads. He was to answer the questions that blogger asked of him, post his answers (on his own blog), and then ask questions of his readers. Now it is my turn. Here are my answers to T's questions:

1) Did you keep a diary in written format ever? If so, where did you hide it?

No diaries for me, sorry. There was, however, a period of poorly written, teen-angst poetry. These were kept in a Garfield folder, stored right on my bookshelf. It was the safest place. With my affinity for school and school supplies, I always had folders around. No one touched them for fear of finding my papers on obscure theatrical companies (or a failed history exam). The more embarrassing heartfelt poems took up residence, folded in quarters, in the sonnets section of my Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

2) You wake up tomorrow and find you've traveled back in time to when you were 16. The past you wakes up too. Would you tell her about the things you experiences since you were her age? (Notice, I didn't ask if you'd make out with yourself.)

First, thank you for not asking if I'd make out with myself. I don't even want to contemplate the ways in which that thought is so very wrong. Second, no. No, I wouldn't tell my 16 year old self what I have experienced. Good and bad the experiences made me who I am today. If I had knowledge or forewarning about any of it, things would have changed. I wouldn't react to things the way I do. I wouldn't see things the way I do. The temptation would be there to share the most major incidents, but I would have to leave her with a simple, "You'll get through it. All of it." Now, if I could warn her about some of the things she would be currently choosing to do.....well, that would be a different story.

3) What animal would you say best reflects your personality?

I'd like to be able to pick some exotic, sensational animal....but in reality, I'm a Golden Retriever. The puppy next door. Cute and cuddly, the owner of the slightly brilliant moments which are usually well hidden behind a strong desire to be surrounded by friendly people. Let's not forget about the being petted part!

4) You find Bill Gates' wallet. Inside is a wad of cash all a jumble. Do you return the wallet? Return the wallet but keep some cash? Return the wallet with no cash and say you found it that way? Keep the wallet?

The moral part of me, which would most likely win out, would "face" all the bills and then return the wallet to him. The part of me that is flat broke right now is busymaking these justifications: He probably has several wallets filled with cash- he won't miss this one. If it is "all a jumble" he wouldn't know what was there and what wasn't. If it was lost, who's to say that a couple bills didn't just "fall out"? I wouldn't take the large ones. Do you think all the cash is real? You never said anything about credit cards, although I'm pretty sure he'd have the ones with smart chips or fingerprint tracking or somesuch. I work in a computer lab...essentially I work for him....he owes me. I could send him a thank you note (anonymously) when returning the wallet.

5) What was your favorite breakfast cereal when you were younger, and do you still eat it today?

When I was little I had an affinity for cereals that when left soaking in milk would color and flavor said milk. Cartoon watching is much more enjoyable when not interrupted by the crunchiness of eating breakfast. I tend to run away from those cereals now. Something about the dye bothers me. There has been a constant cereal though. Honey Nut Cherrios. I love them! Almost every time I buy cereal that is what I buy.

So, there are my answers. I know most of you are in finals right now, but if you would like to answer your own questions let me know in the comments here. I will post questions for you. Look at these as a distraction technique, sanity saver, fun-time, or as something to do because you love me. You don't have to answer right away, but you will need to promise to answer the questions on your blog. So.....who's up for it?

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May 02, 2005


I should have known better than to drive down in the evening. By the time I got there it had been dark for about a couple hours. This gave the whole drive a rather ethereal feel...very much like driving to the end of nowhere, taking a right, and then continuing on into the beginnings of eternity. Seriously. For the last hour of the trip, Yuma was always 12 miles away from everywhere.

Pros: Both middle school and high school seem interested in me, their preferred housing for teachers not from the area - 2 or 3 bedroom townhouses that rent for around $400 a month, diverse population of about 50% Hispanic, classroom size of max 13 students, green lots of green, no snow, Greeley and Ft. Morgan within an hours drive, Pizza Hut and Subway (that's about it), and largely varied religious community.

Cons: Schools are severely lacking in funding for staples such as books, a rather terrifying superintendent, about 75% of the Hispanic students are first generation non-documented residents, lots of feed lots- of the pack the cattle in nature, no mountains or trees to wander in randomly, Laramie 4 hours away, Cheyenne is 3 hours away, 2 stop lights, a rather striking resemblance to Pinedale (at least according to yahoo maps), no stores, no bowling or roller skating rink, 1 small coffee house (not meant to be a hang out), religious community is all Christian (I've never seen so many variances on Baptist before).

Now we wait and see.

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May 01, 2005

I have problems with ambient noise. My hearing has been starting to slowly fade. It runs in my family. When tested I can hear all the little bells and whistles in all the scales. According to the testers, my hearing is fine. Those tests don't include outside noise. They are done in sound proof rooms through padded earphones. There is no hum of 20 computers, soft buzz of the florescent lights, clicking of keys, or the occasional almost whisper of the users. People wonder why I can't hear them when they stand across the table from me and do that I'm talking but the level is below whisper volume thing. I've gotten strange looks when the phone jangle pierces through the shimmery sound barrier and scares me out of my chair. I started to notice the problem a few years ago. I would sleep with a fan on to block out the sound of the neighbors. The issue then became that I could hear nothing...NOTHING...else that happened during the night. I've also witnessed this problem in the classroom. I can't teach over students using the pencil sharpener. I can't hear what they are saying...or what I am.

I'm sitting at a different computer in the lab today. The LA machine is having "issues" with me. Here, I am surrounded by sounds that are usually a bit removed from me. I can hear the traffic outside the window, hallway noise echos more distinctly from this position across from the door, and someone is tapping their foot against a chair leg. I'm having trouble concentrating.

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